Contemporary Art - The Importance in Today's World

Contemporary art has gained a lot of importance in modern households. It has become one of the most sought after household items and it has been recognized in every aspect of human life. Modern art is nowadays a tool for interpersonal communication and has far reaching effects. The increased number of persons visiting exhibitions and art galleries clearly signifies the rise in contemporary art importance. It is an indicator about the awareness of art amongst the people.

Large appreciation of masses and easy understandability are the main reasons of success of modern art. The accessibility of these arts are easy as it is released in numerous copies and forms like disks, e-books etc. Original paintings, which were hard to get in the old days, are now easy accessible through art galleries, which eventually increased the number of admirers of modern art.


However, contemporary art critics raised an argument that some arts should be reserved for certain group of people. They argued that true appreciation of art can come from people who can understand modern art. In other words, only an artist can understand the value of an art. It is true in some cases, but an artist would like to get appreciation from as many people as possible. Contemporary art will continue to express publicly understood ideas so as to get the maximum appreciation from the public.

There are various ways of acquiring modern art today. Online auctions are one of the ways where by abstract arts, oil-based painting, and impression arts can be purchased. But before you make a purchase, it is important that you do some homework on what art you would like to collect. One way of collecting required information is to make extensive research work in the internet. Other sources include libraries, magazines etc. which can give you your desired information on art.

But you have to be careful when buying a contemporary art work as there are lots of fakes in the market. But you can appoint an appraiser for the art you want to purchase. Online art auctions generally keep a track record of the art seller's sales history and can help you determine whether the seller is a reputable person.

Contemporary Art - The Importance in Today's World

Decorating With Metal Yard Art

Putting metal yard art around a home can be a fun and attractive way to enhance the look of a yard or house. Metal yard art comes in many forms, from metal lamps, lamp holders and signs, to address markers, garden signs, seasonal, holiday, or year round decorations, family name signs and solely decorative pieces.

From whimsical and charming to serious religious symbols, there are many types of art that a person can use to express their personality, tell a story, advertise hobbies, political or religious ideas, or identify the residents of a place.


Signs are a common form of yard decor. Many signs announce the surname of the family living in the home where they are displayed, or the name of the home, business, farm or ranch. Some include the year that the home, business, or family was established. Other signs have fun or festive sayings, or spell out a favorite quote or sentiment. Welcome signs are very commonly seen on metal yard art. Logos or names from sports teams have become increasingly common in yards across America, too.

Seasonal metal yard art is very popular. Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, and of course, Christmas, are holidays that many Americans dress up their yards for and metal yard art is a common choice for decorations as it stands up to the weather, looks terrific, is easy to place and move, and stores well.

Animals are very trendy metal objects, from the frequently seen pink flamingos to birds, reptiles, and mammals of all sorts. A metal yard stake with graceful butterflies is a gorgeous addition to a flower bed. A variety of metal birds and blooms can grace a patio and add to its appeal. A flock of metal chickens lend a country charm to a yard without the mess of the real thing, and a metal cat stalking grandly through the garden can be a better deterrent to rabbits and birds than a straw stuffed scarecrow.

Fairies and angels have grown immensely fashionable as art and the nature of these lends them to some regal, delightful, beautiful, and stylish metal yard art to adorn a yard or garden or fountain. From delicate metal fairies with stained glass wings to angelic beings with rust resistant halos and gracefully folded wings, there is a plethora of different angel and fairy pieces available on the market to enhance the area around the home or garden.

From rustic to regal, charming to solemn, the vast array of art on the market today means that any home and garden, patio, pool, fountain or other outdoor space around the home can go from a plain area to a delightfully adorned area with little hassle, cost or effort. From vintage styles to contemporary pieces, there is metal yard art available to suit any taste or style.

Decorating With Metal Yard Art

Metal yard art also makes a great gift to give someone who is usually difficult to shop for because it is a unique or even customizable gift. Try some garden yard art today.

The Art Deco Design Movement

Cruising down Marine Drive in Mumbai, you would see a lot of Art Deco styled buildings much like the many picture you may see of buildings in Miami, typically hotels etc; all of them overlooking the sea, some well preserved, some rather seedy and ramshackle looking. Only Miami has more art deco buildings along the seafront than Mumbai. It was such a popular design mode of its time and such a distinctive and recognizable style that remnants of this style are visible at least in their residuary form all over the world:

o Furniture
o Appliances
o Buildings
o Automobiles
o Jewelry
o Fashion
o Painting, graphic arts and film as well.


This design style flourished in the 1920s and the 1930s, in the period between the two world wars. This decorative style is seen as an amalgam of many different styles and movements of the early 20th century, including Neoclassical, Constructivism, Cubism, Modernism, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, and Futurism.

The theory is that the reason for the lavishness and opulence of the style was born as a reaction to the forced austerity and hardships that people had to endure during the First World War. It would not be inaccurate to say that a lot of what we loosely term as Retro today is in fact Art Deco. There is an emphasis on man made material and the use of stainless steel and glass. This design style concerns itself with design using mathematical geometric shapes and takes its inspiration from the machine age.

An icon of this design movement is the town of Napier in New Zealand. An Art Deco weekend is held in Napier every year in February. In Napier, where you would find a variety of buildings in the styles of the 1930s - Stripped Classical, Spanish Mission, and above all Art Deco, the style of the 20th Century. The town was rebuilt in this style after an earthquake destroyed it, because this construction style was perceived as a safe and earthquake friendly style with its low relief surface decoration.

Some of the most easily recognisable examples of the design movement are the Chrysler Centre in New York, or the City Hall of Buffalo. Havana (Cuba), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) and many parts of the US still boast a lot of art deco buildings. From time to time there is resurgence in interest in the Art Deco design movement which once again brings into focus the buildings and styles that have gone down in the history of design.

The Art Deco Design Movement

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Animated Clip Art

Animated clip art is very realistic and can be seen anywhere on the World Wide Web today. They can serve as decorations on your web pages, online greetings and electronic messages. Clip art also helps you create professional-looking emails, logos, mascots, letterheads, presentations, videos and even short films.

Animations are made up of sequences of still images called cells. The cells are arranged in order so that when they are displayed on the screen or in a consecutive series, they create the illusion of motion. The images replace one another very rapidly to fool the eye into seeing continuous movement. Animations play out over 14 frames per second. A typical animated clip art moves at 4 to14 frames per second.


Animated clip art has developed from two- to three-dimensional images. Animations are composed on a computer that utilizes a complex set of mathematical calculations to develop an object that appears from many possible angles in a given set of conditions. The shape, shading and linear perspective that result are very accurate. Therefore, the images appear to have depth, and their movements are realistic and natural.

Animated clip art is saved in graphic file formats such as GIF, MNG, SVG and Flash, which allow them to be viewed on a computer or on the Internet. You don?t need to install additional software to view them. Animated images work with all popular editing software.

Animated clip art is classified into categories. These categories include nature, business, technology, animals, sports, emotions, holidays, occasions. It is easy to search for images as most of them are grouped by keywords or search terms. There is also animated clip art for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine?s Day and other special occasions.

Sample PowerPoint templates and video backgrounds are available online to help you learn how to use the animations. Over 300,000 3-dimensional animated clip art files are compiled into 12 CD-ROMs or into a single DVD-ROM that can be seen on clip art websites. Just browse through their catalogues for price rates or subscription rates inquiries.

Make sure you choose websites that provide high-quality, royalty-free and copyright-safe animated clip art.

Animated Clip Art

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How To Make A Canvas Art?

The homemade canvas art is the best way to spice your living place. It only takes few hrs to create it, but it may look like a custom colored art in your room. Hang it in your living place, bedroom or guest bedroom for a smart appeal.

Things you need:


- Craft paper

- One flexile white canvas (you can get this at artist supply and craft supply stores)

- Pencil

- Ruler

- Self healing mat

- Craft knife

- Masking paper

- Big monogram stencil (you can get this at artist supply and craft supply stores)

- Krylon webbing spray in white whisper

- Krylon interior exterior paint in polish black

- Krylon webbing spray in dark lava

- Facemask

- A big drop curtain or newspaper

Start by covering up the work space with a big drop curtain or some old newspaper. (This is important, because the coming up painting methods of this task could be extremely untidy). Put on a face mask when applying some kind of spray paint for safety.

Next, onto the self healing mat just put the craft paper. Measure up the correct size of the flexible canvas and mark it in a pencil. With the craft knife cut the shape you want. Using the stencil put on the monogram in the center. Cut down the shape of monogram by leaving rectangle with a displayed monogram region in center.

Put the white flexible canvas on the work region. To the top of the canvas stick the craft paper with masking paper. Before proceeding, be sure that the paper is firm in place. With the equal coating of Krylon interior exterior paint in polish Black spray the displayed monogram.

Before applying the 2nd coat of paint you have to wait for about 30 minutes. till you have accomplished your desired level of black paint on the monogram carry on this procedure. The canvas art will take some time to dry so allow it to dry nightlong.

Take away the masking paper and craft paper carefully. With the steady coat of Krylon webbing spray in white whisper spray the canvas. Before applying the steady coat of Krylon webbing spray in black lava wait for 2 to 3 hrs. Before hanging up the canvas as you desired leave it to dry nightlong.

Rather than applying the monochrome color, you can consider applying some silver webbing spray completely for a different appeal. You can even consider applying metal accents all around for a stylish and glitzy appeal. Depending upon the theme of your room you can apply the colored sprays that also work great, the canvas will hang on eventually.

How To Make A Canvas Art?

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What is the Definition of Fine Art

The concept of fine art is commonly misunderstood. Many people think that fine art refers to the quality of the art in question, however this is not actually the case. What the fine in fine art actually refers to is that of the discipline's purity.

This is why many of the performing arts such as ballet and theater are known as the fine arts. On the other hand, it does not necessarily refer only to that of performing arts as any art form albeit sculpting, painting and many more all can be considered fine art as long as the purity of the art itself is the best that it can possibly be.


Now with that said, the concept of what purity of a discipline is will be questioned. It was Aristotle who said it best when he said that imitation is the finest thing in human nature. The second is that of our ability to be in harmony albeit with regards to rhythm or to nature itself.

So in effect, fine arts are those whose purity is as close as possible to being in rhythm to imitation of human nature. Keep in mind though, that this definition only actually refers to the performing arts so when it comes to visual arts such as painting and sculpting to name a few, the concept of the art's purity can vary from one art to another as well as from a subclass of a particular art to another subclass of that same art form.

What is the Definition of Fine Art

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