How to Teach to a Diverse Classroom of Students

Each year teachers are faced with the daunting task of teaching
to a classroom of 20-30 individual students, each with their own
learning styles, interests, and abilities. Providing optimal
learning for such a diverse group can seem overwhelming. But,
there is a simple approach that can be used which will enable
all students to succeed, and that approach is simply using
variety and choice. Not only does this approach address the
multiple learning styles of students, but it also aides in making
them independent learners.

While the classroom still needs to have structure (routines,
rules, procedures), providing variety within that structured
environment can aide in providing optimal learning for all
students. Using a variety of instructional approaches such as
lectures, PowerPoint presentations, inquiry-based instruction,
hands-on experiments, project/problem-based learning, or
computer aided instruction, not only addresses the various
learning styles of the students in the classroom, but it can help
learners become more flexible in their learning. Most learners
do have a preferred learning style, however this does not mean
they are strictly dependent on that style to learn. They are
also comfortable with and able to learn from several other styles
as well. Exposing students to a wide variety of learning styles
will enable them to become more flexible learners.


It is also beneficial to vary the input devices used and the
resources made available in the classroom. Children have a wide
variety of preferred learning devices, therefore making as many
available as possible provides for this diversity. For example,
when presenting information use audio (songs, speeches,
interviews, etc.), video, books, posters, hands-on
manipulatives, food, and smells. Technology has made available
a wide range of resources, such as PowerPoint presentations,
live video feeds, chats, and communication. PowerPoint
presentations are a great way to present information using a
mixture of audio, video, animations (movement), and text. These
presentations can also be made available to the students via the
computer for them to review at their own pace. The internet/
computers also offer interactive learning activities that combine
movement, visuals, and sounds, such as virtual science
experiments. These allow students to conduct experiments
never before thought possible due to danger or lack of equipment.
Virtual experiments can be found at .

Pre-exposure to material also aides in learning. The more
familiar students are with a subject the easier it is for new
learning to occur. Therefore, providing students with a
variety of pre-exposure materials can better prepare them for
new learning units. For example, monthly calendars that list
the upcoming themes, a classroom website with links to various
websites related to upcoming themes, books, magazines, maps,
posters, computer software, and manipulatives can be provided
for students to browse at their leisure. Providing a variety of
materials takes into consideration the learning preferences of
all students.

Novelty can be used to gain and keep students' attention.
People usually only pay attention to things that are of value or
things that are personally meaningful. Therefore, relating
learning to your students' real life experiences or interests
can catch and keep their attention. "Shock" them with an unusual
noise, experiment, video, song, etc. You can also present them
with a problem or project that relates to their real world in
order to gain their attention and interest at the beginning of
a unit. Issues such as environmental problems, problems with
long lines in the cafeteria, designing the perfect playground,
planning a field trip within the budget, local traffic issues,
etc. can all be considered. Making learning meaningful,
relevant, and interesting to your students not only gains their
initial attention, but keeps it throughout the lesson.

When planning your lessons it is beneficial to try to include as
many of the senses and/or Gardner's multiple intelligences
(verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, kinesthetic, visual-
spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist)
as possible. You can do this by using a variety of activities
in your plans such as songs, games, experiments, field trips,
real world experiences, interviews, guest speakers, physical
movement/exercise, small group activities, individual activities,
partner activities, cooking/food/snacks, hands-on experiences,
etc. Providing a variety of activities will enable students of
all ability levels to succeed.

Not only do students have diverse learning styles but varying
bio-cognitive cycles as well. Some students learn best in the
morning, some in the afternoon. Therefore, having a flexible
classroom schedule can provide for these differences. Also,
varying the times and types of assessments can give all students
a fair chance of showing their true abilities.

When applicable, it is beneficial to give students choice in
activities and assessments. This provides students
opportunities to showcase their individual talents and can aide
in classroom management as well. If students are constantly
dictated to and not given a voice or choice they can grow
resentful and "act out". Provide a variety of classroom
activities for students to choose from during structured and
unstructured times, give them several projects such as posters,
PowerPoint presentations, reports, interviews, videos, brochures,
etc. to choose from when assessing their knowledge. Giving
students choice provides them with a sense of empowerment over
their learning and can aide them in deciding what learning styles
and assessments work best for them, thus helping them become
more responsible for their own learning.

It would be a pretty boring world if all learners were the same.
Diversity makes the classroom more interesting and exciting.
Teachers should honor and respect the uniqueness of each
student by offering variety and choice in their classrooms. Not
only will this address the diverse needs of the students, but it
will also help them to become independent learners as well.
After all, is that not the goal of education?

How to Teach to a Diverse Classroom of Students

Tina O'Block holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She has been teaching for 13 years.

She is the author of Now I Know My ABCs and a Whole Lot More: Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners which is available at and the article, How to Help Your Child be Successful in Kindergarten.

You may also contact her at

Arts and Crafts For the Elderly

The picture used to be locked in to an antiquated version of crafts for the elderly: they were relegated to cutting out construction paper Christmas tree chains and Valentines, making doilies, and fussing with clay or paints. Maybe crafts for the elderly were thought of as siblings to crafts for the mentally challenged, or maybe crafts for the elderly meant--since the elderly were completing the circle of life and returning to regressed stages--that only that which children were allowed to handle was acceptable for the patients in an elder care facility.

Guess what? Times have changed along with people, and crafts for the elderly are much more "advanced"...they are, too, as varied in medium and message and skill level as the individuals are. Yes, our elders are still offered the options of pipe cleaners and papier-mâché, but they are also invited to continue what they did when they were younger. Some elders still work as jewelers, making jewelry, for instance, while others still quilt, knit, and crochet. Many enjoy finely detailed needlepoint. Others sew. Elders make clocks, build birdhouses, craft workshop items such as dolls and toys.


And why can't crafts for the elderly also include arts for the elderly? My mother paints in oils and watercolors; my friend who is retired restores antiques. Other elders I have worked with in memoir-writing workshops have continued to write and make their own books (the hand sewn kind) but have also published their own memoirs with small presses. In addition, some have made planters and plant terrariums, while others have done decoupage and wood-burning projects that have yielded family trees, poems, and images as gifts and honors for their loved ones.

Other possibilities as crafts for the elderly include (but are not limited to) hand-made greeting cards, pictures, and posters; arts and crafts kits; ceramics; weaving; cooking and non-cooking activities; gardening; gift ideas and baskets (from dream catchers to edible bouquets); miniature models and kits (airplanes, cars, trucks); etchings (in brass or on tiles); scrapbooking; science crafts; sand painting; paper dolls; botanical and other 3-d sculpting.

Granted, those with debilitating conditions or mental deterioration will not be able to nor have interest in gold-flaking the ceiling. But many of our so-called elders are still as active and engaged as they ever were, so they need not be limited to our idea of crafts hour in the rec room. The idea is that the elderly should continue to do what they did, what they love to do, and whatever they can do to keep their minds and souls healthy and happy. If that means rejecting a popsicle stick for a paintbrush, all the better!

Arts and Crafts For the Elderly

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Energy Saving Slogans Grab Your Attention and Goad You to Take Action

Catchy energy saving slogans are a way to grab hold of someone's attention and ideally, make them think and act on any particular situation.

Presidential campaigns have been doing it for centuries.


Energy saving slogans are designed to do just that, grab a person's attention and goad them into some type of action, whether it be by humorous means or shock value.

Energy saving slogans are a relatively new phenomena, mostly because the widely expressed idea of energy conservation is also relatively new, propagated by conscientious citizens who develop and support a green sensibility.

Organizations that are eco-friendly even fund competitions to find the best slogan from among tens of thousands of entries and they can be very clever, for instance:

  • Leaks make your future bleak
  • The less you burn, the more you earn
  • Today's wastage is tomorrow's shortage
  • Life is energy. Energy is life
  • Energy = money conservation control ( a take on E=mc2)
  • "Let there be light"-for our grandchildren
  • Practice conservation for future generations
  • Save today survive tomorrow
  • Think globally act locally

These and other sayings are meant to incite people into action about conservation.

The hope is that the cleverer they are, the more memorable they will be and stick with a person for an extended period of time.

Energy saving slogans are used by energy conservation industries or organizations and in conjunction with posters and even television commercials.

These slogans coupled with remarkable characters (think Smokey the Bear and "only you can prevent forest fires") can make for memorable ad campaigns.

Energy saving slogans most often are intended to arouse some type of call to action from the viewer.

Action that needs to reach out to many more people worldwide if we are to have a positive effect on our global circumstances. Until then, remember - Energy misused can not be excused.

Energy Saving Slogans Grab Your Attention and Goad You to Take Action

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50th Birthday Ideas - The Top 5 Themes For a 50th Birthday Party

We only turn 50 once so why not celebrate it in memorable fashion with one of these fun 50th birthday ideas. Here are the top most popular 50th birthday party themes today. These will be presented in reverse order.

Mexican Fiesta
At number five is the Mexican Fiesta theme. This can be a really fun and colorful party with the right music, decorations and food. For decorations you will want to keep in mind the Mexican flag colors: red, blue and green. You can decorate with sombreros, maracas, dried chili peppers, table cloths in bright colors, small white Christmas lights strung about, ponchos, cactus, and any Mexican posters you can get your hands on. A creative idea for a game would have your guests involved in a timed nachos eating contest. Line up the contestants and load up the plates with nachos chips, and all of the fixings! Tie the contestant's hands behind their backs and have them dig in! A self serve taco bar is a fun idea for food. Your guests can create their own concoction if the nacho eating contest didn't fill them up!


Mardi Gras
At number 4 in popularity for 50th birthday ideas is a Mardi Gras party complete with beads, masks and Cajun food and decorations. Mardi Gras colors are blue, green and purple-use these colors in your decorating theme. Decorate with beads, pictures of New Orleans, jazz players, gold chocolate doubloons. Shrimp, crawfish and anything with Cajun spice make great food ideas. Be sure to offer up "hurricane" cocktails for a real authentic flavor. Mardi Gras wouldn't be Mardi Gras without lots of different beads. You can organize games fashioned around winning or using beads. Invite your guests to bring Mardi Gras masks and have a game involving the masks.

World Beer Party
Coming in at number three on our list might seem a surprise, but it is becoming more and more popular. An Around the World Beer Party can be very fun and creative if you're 50 year old is a connoisseur of beer. Obviously this party will involve varieties of beers from around the world-so you will have to find a good store that specializes in this area to help you with your selections. You can decorate in an international theme with flags from different countries. The store you buy the beer from may have samples of posters, coasters or even the cases the beer comes in to be used as decorations. Always fun at this type of party will be a time for a beer tasting-just as one might do at a wine tasting. Present some of the background and information on each beer so your guests will have fun tasting and learning at the same time. Food of the appetizer type would lend itself well for this type of 50th birthday party.

Luau Party
A tropical or Hawaiian Luau style themed party is extremely popular. People usually have tropical clothing so it is fun to dress the part for this theme. Keep the tropical theme in mind for decorations with tiki torches, shells, palm trees, lots of leis, surf boards, coconuts, pineapples, grass skirts, hula dancers, and citronella candles to ward off the bugs if outside. Pina coladas and mai tais make great drinks and if possible roasted pork for the meal. A tropical fruit salad with pineapple, mango, papaya served in a hollowed out watermelon works well and haupia, a traditional coconut pudding, for a desert idea. Games involving the limbo and hula hoops are fun for any age even at 50, especially if accompanied with music by Don Ho.

Casino Party
At number one for 50th birthday ideas, in terms of popularity today, is the Casino party theme. This is where you turn your house into an exciting casino for the evening. For this party you will want to decorate as much as possible so that you resemble a casino. Lots of bright and colored lights, music by Las Vegas headliners playing in the background, take different size boxes and paint to look like dice and place around the room, decorate with playing cards strung out or on tables. This is a theme where you will probably be best served by calling a company that rents the gaming tables. You can just rent the tables or many companies also include the people to run the tables. Blackjack, craps and roulette are very popular games at these types of parties. You can also have a table for poker playing Texas Hold-em. Have a no limit game that is timed, last for 30-45 minutes so everything moves fast. For those guests not into gaming, karaoke can be a lot of fun. A buffet with lots of varieties of salads and finger foods work well-just like a traditional Las Vegas buffet. A martini bar would be perfect for this theme. At the end of the evening you can auction off prizes with the money your guests have won.

50th Birthday Ideas - The Top 5 Themes For a 50th Birthday Party

If this was helpful and you want additional information you can take a look here for more great 50th birthday party ideas

What Kinds of Tattoo Machines Do Experienced Tattooists Actually Use?

As we all know, the best machines for an artist are not always the most expensive ones. The personal tattoo machines that go with many experienced tattooists might cost only a few dollars. The truth is that each tattoo artist should find their comfortable feeling machines by their own experiences.

It's also true that finding comfortable hand feel machines by each oneself is one of the required courses for tattoo beginners.


First,we have to collect enough information about tattoo machines.

If you were working in a professional studio, you could know more about machines from many industry magazines that advertise different machines. We may not buy it, cause most of the information are for some top brands with prices that many of us couldn't afford. But know more about professional tattoo machines helps you get informed when choosing non brand ones.

The best choice to find a professional tattoo machine is asking people off line.

Frankly, Getting machine ideas from your friends, or other artists in the studio might be a better choice. Or you could go to some tattoo conventions and watch them working and visit booths that have artists who make and sell machines and discuss the pros and cons with them. Some handmade tattoo machines fit the need of a limited amount of artists very well, so just don't miss them.

If these methods all didn't work, then searching on the internet might be the last choice.

You could chat directly with shop owners, join discussions on forums, or get more information at some third party review sites, such as kaboodle, resellerratting, and complainboard. Then save the ideal websites to your watchlist for later decisions.

Some popular affordable tattoo machines and suppliers.

1. The yellow letter G .20 tatto machines for any skill level from getbetterlife tattoo, item#:WS-M328.
About It is popular for the always lower prices and stable quality, a nice little store full of surprise. The most competitive product of get better life tattoo is their cheap tattoo machines both with cast frame and 10 wrap coils. Many experienced tattooists take dozens of machines and replace the springs and armature bars to make professional tattoo machines. You could always find some surprise there in getting quality ones with lower prices.

2. And then the Raven tato machines with different colors from superior tattoo, item#:20319.
About It's a US based experienced tattoo supplier with wide range of professional tattoo supplies beautifully designed. Like many of the American tattoo suppliers, the price are a little higher. The Raven tattoo machine is the most economical one and almost the cheapest at superior tattoo.

3. Best place to buy cheap tattoo springs for professional use.
The springs and armature bars play an important role in the feeling of a tattoo machine. You could always get better quality springs at superior tattoo with a little higher price, and the cheaper and also professional one at internationaltattoosupply.

So, the perfect combination of a professional modified tattoo machine is:
Machine head and disposable supplies from get better life tattoo.
Springs and armature bars from international tattoo supply.
Professional tattoo inks and Raven machines from superior tattoo.

What Kinds of Tattoo Machines Do Experienced Tattooists Actually Use?

Writer of a star tattoo blog

Painting Baby's Room - Creative Ideas for Painting a Baby Nursery

When it comes to painting a baby room, you could pick out a paint color, apply it to the walls and be done. But if you are feeling creative and a little more adventurous than that, there are a lot of great ideas you could implement when it comes to painting your baby's nursery. Here are a few suggestions:

However you decide to go about painting your baby's room, remember to keep in mind the décor that you are going to use for the room. The painting colors and techniques you use should go with everything else that you plan to use in the room. Don't be afraid to be adventurous and try something new. Remember, the best thing about decorating a room is that if you don't like how something turns out, you can always change it!


Painting Baby's Room - Creative Ideas for Painting a Baby Nursery

© Copyright Rebecca Johnson, All Rights Reserved

Rebecca Johnson owns, a website that provides tips and ideas for decorating a baby nursery. Visit it for more ideas on decorating the nursery walls

Benefits of Martial Arts Training For Kids

Admit it. When the going gets tough at home, we've all plopped the kids in front of the television and breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, we can get started on dinner, maybe check email or sort that massive pile of laundry.

But when your five-year old yells at you "Mom, Kids Rule!" or your ten-year old horrifies you with language that would make a sailor blush, you realize there must be something amiss with what these "family programs" really teach our kids. And sadly, its happening all over the media today, from sports to cartoons, and our children are learning things that we, as parents, vowed we would never teach them. Old fashioned values like respect and self-discipline, seems to have been forgotten, replaced by the dreaded "bling bling" pop culture of today.


Just the thought of your angelic three-year old morphing into a designer-clad, smart-mouthed, money-worshipping, me-obsessed, lay-about is enough to make any parent consider that threatening military school brochure, but there is a solution out there to consider.

Martial Arts training.

From Ninja Turtles to The Karate Kid

You and your kids have all seen the flying kicks, battle cries and mighty chops of their favorite TV characters, as they beat the bad guys to submission - but, you may ask, how on earth can these acts of violence teach my child anything worthwhile?

First, know that what you see on television (save perhaps the Karate Kid) is a far cry from what real martial arts are all about. The fact is, martial arts training is based on non-violence.

Originating in Asia (mainly Japan, China and Korea, although Thailand and Vietnam have their own practices as well), martial arts range from a variety of types and styles, all of which are based on well-rounded, moral teachings. The beauty of learning martial arts is that it encompasses not just the physical aspect of the "sport", but mental and emotional lessons as well.

Comparing that to other kid's activities and sports, where fierce competitiveness and "winning at all costs" seems to be the order of the day, it's not surprising that many children grapple with issues of self-esteem and misplaced aggression.

Now imagine your child actually learning valuable life lessons, skills that he will take throughout life, laying the foundation for a happy, well-adjusted and fulfilled adult life. If only karate for kids was popular in the 70's, when I was growing up!

The Advantages

o Karate, and other martial arts for kids, builds confidence and self-esteem as well as self-discipline, respect, concentration and courtesy.

o Many martial arts schools also offer leadership courses for kids, in conjunction with their karate for kids programs, or similar lessons.

o Martial Arts is ideal for children who do not do well in team sports, giving them the ability to flourish this activity, while combining physical and mental practices.

o Many do not realize this, but it is a fact that martial arts training are safer than most school sports.

o Children with special needs, such as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), learning difficulties and hyperactivity are often recommended to participate in martial arts for kids because of the clear benefits in its structured training techniques.

Kung-Fu Master or Ninja Warrior?

Before you sign up Junior for the first martial arts class you see, take some time to check out the different methods available, and match it with what you know would suit your child best. This is a good way to avoid any problems that may sprout from a conflict of your child's personality and the training techniques.

Is your little Zach a sensitive soul? Then maybe a class that doesn't center on sparring (full-on kicks and punches training) but rather, slower, defensive maneuvers would fare better for him. Kids with an aggressive streak, however, may prefer the more forceful moves and thrive in competitive sparring.

Here's a quick primer on the kid-friendly martial arts training you're likely to find:

Martial Arts From Japan


o Uses defensive and aggressive moves

o Centers on building strength and endurance

o Involves chops, punches, kicks, strikes, blocking and sparring

o May use weapons


o Uses defensive and aggressive moves

o Involves lots of sparring

o Teaches a fair amount of weapons training


o Uses a more "spiritual" and harmonious style in redirecting the aggression of the attacker as the form of defense, using throws, pins, rolls etc.

o Taught on the premise of disabling an aggressor without attacking, through your individual inner energy

o Does not involve sparring or competitions


o Uses gentle, "wrestling-like" movements

o Considered one of the safest methods of martial arts

o Emphasizes physical control as well as mental development

o Engages in competitions

Martial Arts From China


o The generic term referring to Chinese martial arts with a variety of styles

o Involves attack movements as well as defensive techniques

o Teaches kicks, punches, chops, throws, falls, grappling, katas, leg sweeps and blows among others.

o Engages in sparring competitions

Martial Arts From Korea


o Competitive in nature, involves techniques using elaborate footwork and unique high kicks.

o Emphasizes strength, force and attack methods.

o Engages in lots of sparring and competitions.

Choosing The Right Instruction

If you have an idea of the type of martial arts class you'd like your child to participate in, the next step would be to find the right school. Finding the right class that not only matches your child's and your needs, in terms of teachers you feel comfortable with, the price, facilities and so on, are all important factors.

Say you've found a local place that specializes in Karate for Kids. What are the things you should look for?

1. Good Instructors

Check out their qualifications, teaching methods and watch carefully how they interact with the other children. It should be a fun learning experience!

2. Space and Safety

Obviously you would want to entrust your child in as establishment that is safe, well-maintained, and clean with ample space as well as decent facilities and equipment.

3. School Values

Different martial arts schools inevitably go by different values, for instance, one kid's karate class may handle aggression in one way, while a judo class would have a different approach. Take some time to observe which school's ideals match your family's principles.

4. Prices and Schedules

Prices for martial arts training can vary according to school and location, so make sure you the instruction you choose represents fair value. Finding the most effective way to fit martial arts training into your family's lifestyle is also essential, knowing what works best with your schedule and other activities.

Baby Blackbelts

Starting your child young in karate training is ideal (children as young as the age of four are usually accepted, as it is also a good way to hone fine motor skills), and lots of parents have found that in as little as a year, their children who were involved in martial arts had noticeably gained positive traits such as increased self-esteem, respect and overall physical fitness.

Many parents also opt to join a martial arts training program themselves, making it a great bonding experience for the entire family.

Benefits of Martial Arts Training For Kids

Laura Saunders is a successful freelance writer, mother of two, and a martial arts practitioner who has written articles for, your online guide to karate uniforms and karate training equipment.

Copyright 2005

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The Benefits of Martial Arts Training

As any martial artist will tell you, there are multiple benefits in martial arts training. Of course, the most obvious benefit is a knowledge of self defense which is one of the major reasons why systems were developed in the first place. Knowing how to defend oneself and loved ones in a potentially dangerous situation is an asset in today's world just as it was hundreds of years ago. Unlike often portrayed in the movies, training is not just about fighting. Many people take up martial arts for the fitness benefits as well. Training in karate, tae kwon do, kung fu and other styles will improve one's cardiovascular fitness as well as tone the muscular system. Strength will increase from the calisthenics usually employed within training but perhaps not to the same extent as working out with weights. But overall power of one's body will definitely increase since the techniques teach how to use strength effectively.

Most people will also improve their flexibility significantly while training since entire ranges of motion from the body are exercised. This is especially true with styles such as tae kwon do, Thai kickboxing as well as some schools of karate and kung fu where high kicks are used. All martial art styles will result in an improvement of one's coordination as well.


Unlike many other forms of physical activity, martial arts also have a mental and sometimes spiritual element which not only improves the mind's focus but also helps in self control. Emotions such as anger and fear are better controlled through training. Many martial artists can find an inner peace through their training. In today's hectic world, these particular benefits translate into one of the most effective stress management tools available. When training in a session or in a group class, all the day to day troubles of the world seem to be forgotten. People come out refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the big world out there.

Training in martial arts usually involves many little steps and progressions. As one advances, the feeling of accomplishment comes with added confidence. This is especially beneficial for children who were not very confident in the first place. An increase in self confidence for kids (as well as adults) will have a cross over effect in other areas of life such as in other sports and general self esteem. Other challenges in life, both physical and mental, will be met with much less fear.

An important benefit of martial arts training for parents to note is that children will generally become more disciplined from the unique formalities of martial arts classes. This is one benefit that is often lacking in other sports. Former 'problem' kids with bad attitudes could become well behaved and respectful as a result of taking classes a few times per week. Respect is something that all instructors place great importance in during their classes. Martial arts kids are often very well behaved children no matter what social economic backgrounds they come from.

Martial arts training has so many great benefits covering physical, mental and emotional aspects that it's no wonder why it has become one of the most popular activities for both adults and children. However, it is important to point out that not all programs will produce the range of benefits discussed. Programs that teach just combat fighting techniques may not result in the desired mental and spiritual benefits so it is important to search around for the right school that will offer the benefits one wishes to achieve.

The Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Clint is a lifelong martial artist with over 36 years of training experience in kung fu, tae kwon do, karate, kickboxing and martial arts weaponry. He has won Canadian and world championship titles (NASKA, NBL and WSKF). Clint is also a motivational diversity speaker, author and Karate World Champion. He does keynote speaking programs and seminars on personal development and diversity. See his FREE 3-part Personal Development Video Series to expand your comfort zone to conquer even your most daunting goals in life.

Painting Baby's Room - Creative Ideas for Painting a Baby Nursery

When it comes to painting a baby room, you could pick out a paint color, apply it to the walls and be done. But if you are feeling creative and a little more adventurous than that, there are a lot of great ideas you could implement when it comes to painting your baby's nursery. Here are a few suggestions:

However you decide to go about painting your baby's room, remember to keep in mind the décor that you are going to use for the room. The painting colors and techniques you use should go with everything else that you plan to use in the room. Don't be afraid to be adventurous and try something new. Remember, the best thing about decorating a room is that if you don't like how something turns out, you can always change it!


Painting Baby's Room - Creative Ideas for Painting a Baby Nursery

© Copyright Rebecca Johnson, All Rights Reserved

Rebecca Johnson owns, a website that provides tips and ideas for decorating a baby nursery. Visit it for more ideas on decorating the nursery walls

Painting With Kids - Fun Projects for All Ages

Painting with kids is fun, interactive and will open your eyes to how children see the world around them. Since my niece, Courtney was a toddler; we have been painting together on the same canvas. The fun, joy and laughter we have had, has created a lasting bond that is amazing.

Kids love bright vibrant colors. For toddlers, crayons and glitter glue, colored pencils and magic markers are great. Experiment, mix pencil colors together! Try putting a yellow pencil down before green...Watch as the color comes to life. When Courtney was seven, we started using acrylics straight out of the tube, without mixing, because they are vibrant and quick drying, water soluble with easy clean up.


Part of the joy is choosing colors together at the art shop. Our favorite colors are, luminous reds, pyrrole and quinacridone. Bright neon yellows, hansa and cadniums. Shimmering blues from manganese hues to ultramarine. Dark greens with blue and yellow shades. Dazzling, cobalt violets and ultramarine purples. Mix with titanium white and no black as adding black tends to make colors dirty. To get vibrant glossy colors we add gloss acrylic glazing liquid mixed to a milky consistency.

If you are inexperienced in mixing color get a color key/wheel as this is a great teaching tool, which demonstrates how the primary paint colors red, yellow and blue go together to create intermediate colors.

Kids have wonderful imaginations. Let them create the subject for your project; encourage exploration, nothing is impossible! Have them sketch out the idea on a sheet of paper prior to the canvas. Feeling unsure, research it together on the internet or in a book. That's all part of the fun!

As a toddler Courtney and I painted these subjects; Will you jump with me, dance with me, paint with me, at the time we observed they would make a great book. Numerous Christmas, birthday cards and thank you notes later, we had a formula for success.

Our recipe for success. Take turns in painting. If you are painting a rainbow, chose the colors in turn, mixing the chosen colors then painted them in concert, discussing where each color should go. For a sky take different blues and white take turns with your color, most of all be creative.

Fast and furious is fun, no painting should take hours. This means that prior to painting prep the canvas or paper. When painting solid color pre-paint with titanium white to bring out the vibrancy of the color or for wet techniques chose a good paper.

Brushes do make a difference and how you use them counts. Pull, move the paint on the tip of the brush. Encourage a light touch, let the brush do the work. For example when painting a star, dip, pull in one movement each point of the star, finishing with a dot in the middle. We use three soft brushes the most, round number 3, 8 and 18, for large skies a brush from the hardware store will do.

Today we paint landscapes, incredible universes and even bird boxes, which we got at a hobby shop. What fun we had putting it together, painting flowers and suns all over it. Always finish by signing and dating in indelible ink and varnish.

Can't paint a stick figure! Hers a fun project for all the family. What you will need:

• A canvas as big as you can afford.
• Acrylic pouring liquid
• Acrylic Paint samples from the hardware store. At least eight.
• Plastic cups to mix the paint in
• Old sheet or tarp.

Lay out the sheet on a flat area of grass, placing the canvas on top. Mix up the paint per the instructions and take turns pouring lines, splattering or dotting the colors on to the canvas! Yes that's it. Sit back and watch those colors merge with time... A masterpiece!

Painting with your kids will, produce more than a work of art it will be the subject of great conversation and memories that will last a life-time. Have Fun!

Painting With Kids - Fun Projects for All Ages

Peter John Lucking is the writer and illustrator of SANTA & THE LITTLE TEDDY BEAR. A magical ride with Santa and the reindeer takes a teddy bear on a whirlwind adventure to become a special Christmas gift. The book inspires families to sing, to dance, to explore other cultures and places and how they celebrate Christmas. Peter had a successful career in the design for the arts culminating with, "The Ellie Caulkins Opera House".

Get Targeted Web Site Traffic By Learning "How To Pre Sell"!

That means building emotional relationship with their prospects before presenting the offer. This will bring the best targeted web site traffic

1. Pre selling means using emotions.


Successful affiliates know that all decisions are made by emotions and that when you train "how to pre sell" you have to make the prospect feel good or laugh to be able to build up the relationship, which is needed before the deal. This is the most important thing in getting targeted web site traffic!

2. Make it fun and you will always win.

If your reader has fun, when he is reading your pre selling story, it means that he likes you, he is on your side. In "how to pre sell" - techniques the product is your personality, your own way to write and the target group the reader. The target is to make him feel good. To win his emotions. To reach the highest level of targeted web site traffic!

3. The art of persuasion.

All people like when somebody can make them laugh or feel good. Think about that. Somebody makes you feel good for free. That is great. Now the reader is totally open, he trusts you. And he wants more. He is among targeted web site traffic - people.

4. "How to pre sell" - techniques must be Truth Well Told.

Despite of all fun and good mood, pre selling cannot build up wrong image of what is coming. If the prospect will disappoint, he will remember that forever. And especially if your pre selling has made him feel good and laugh and then later he will see something totally different.

5. Use extremely personal style.

When you can joke about your own errors and mistakes during your early days as an affiliate, your prospect feels, that you belong to the same club. Never present yourself as a superior human being, people do not want that kind of relationships.

6. Learning "how to pre sell", remember that reading must be easy and fun.

You can recall the style of advertising copywriters or Hollywood movie writers. They are always positive and very emotional. Most of them like everyday, small things, which they use in their writings. They know, that they have to make people like what they have done.

7. "How to pre sell" - techniques must build curiosity.

When you succeed to make your prospect to laugh and have fun, he wants more. In his mind he is prepared to see, what you are selling. However do not reveal that, that is the task of the offer.

8. "How to pre sell" means writing about your offer, almost.

Yes, almost. The idea is to give a hint to the prospect but not the exact offer. However the writer must guide the reader into the approximate world of what is coming and avoid building disappointment.

9. About the author box.

When you use "how to pre sell" - techniques, use the link box also for pre selling. Every word is important, because the target is that the prospect will go straight away to see your offer. Also the copy style must be persuasive and soft. Avoid all aggressive terms
And continue to persuade.

Get Targeted Web Site Traffic By Learning "How To Pre Sell"!

Juhani Tontti is a full time internet biz-opportunity marketer and will show you cases of "how to pre sell", so you can get targeted web site traffic. And of course 3 free ebooks.

Advertising Design

Advertising Design is the most important point of advertising. If your advertising is designed poorly, who is going to pay attention to it? The answer is nobody will. The Design will in most cases be done by a professional designer; there are a lot of companies out there that will design you, logos, banners, posters and anything else you can think of for advertising. These companies that specialise in advertising design will charge you for their services.

Depending on the reputation of the company, depending on the quality and the standards of designers will all contribute to what the Advertising cost will be. You will find companies that do offer this service at a low price, but be warned, they may be that price for a reason, check out the companies first, find out if you can see some examples of their previous work (if they have a website it is likely to be available on there, if not you will be able to request some) and look for customer reviews.


Advertising Design does not have to be performed by a professional though, a lot of companies design their own logos, and posters. It is important that your logo is appealing to the eye, vibrant and something that you will remember. Simple designs are often effective designs; do not feel that just because you have put a lot of detail, a lot of images, a lot of text into your design that it makes it good. Less can often be more and as long as it catches the eye and gets to the point, your advertising will be successful.

Advertising Design

Wesley Clarke writes about Advertising Design. Visit the Businessmagnet product page for details and suppliers of Advertising Design.

A Biography of Bob Ross the Artist

Bob Ross was a versatile painter and television anchor from America who was born in the year of 1942 on 29th October. Bob's place of birth was Daytona Beach in Florida. Before he became famous as a painter, he had a long career in American air force for about 20 years.

His posting was mostly in Alaska and he used to take care of the medical services there. After retiring from the air force services he earned huge fame in all over the world for his paintings and television shows.


Bob Ross had an impressive look, which like his paintings appealed a lot to the audience of television. With his afro hairstyle and his composed, gentle voice added up to his worldwide popularity.

He used to host a television show related to art and the name of the show was The Joy of Painting and it is often considered to be the most popular one among the Americans.

In this show he used to teach the viewers how to paint and the techniques and presentation was impressive enough to make the audience stick to the television screen. There were quite a number of kids who used to take their art lesion from Bob Ross through this particular television show.

Some of the paintings that gained huge fame and still remembered by the audience are "pretty little mountains", "happy little trees" and "happy little clouds".

He was a strong believer of the fact that each and every person has an artist hidden inside him who can come out if the person is inspired and taught in a correct way. His shows were dubbed in German and they were broadcasted for the popularity among the audience.

He was quite successful as a painter. In fact he started painting when he was posted in Alaska. He discovered a unique technique of painting, which was acclaimed by the art critics of the United States.

This technique is known as the wet-on-wet technique and it involved special method of applying the wet paint on an existing layer of paint that is absolutely different from the conventional methods. He used to paint the darkest clouds and liveliest trees on paper using the simple 1or 2-inch brushes.

But the most interesting fact about bob Ross is that he never received a professional training of making paintings.

At the same time Bob Ross has got some critical comments from the art critics as well as fellow artists. According to them his paintings run short of detailing which is an indispensable part of a good painting. They also say that the paintings of Bob Ross contained a style, which seems artificial.

In fact he also faced embarrassing situations created by the traditional artists who protested against his modern technique of painting. This great persona passed away in the year of 1995 suffering from lymphoma.

A Biography of Bob Ross the Artist

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